Hello world!

Welcome to Clontarf Cycling Club

Contarf Cycling club started in 2012 as an idea between a group of like-minded mad hatters with the plan to start a small club for weekend spins.

PJ Gallagher, Ger Devine, Ronan O’Neill and Diarmaid McStay came together and the  cycling club seed were sown.  Through great perseverance and dedication, our cycling club was soon formed.

What started out as an idea is now a fully-fledged Cycling Ireland affiliated club with over 180 members and counting. Members range from early 20’s to the 60+ both female and male.

The club caters for all newcomers with a mantra that all who start together finish together. There are various groups and abilities and groups are set up to cater for all levels: beginner, leisure, active and racing abilities